CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1 Mod Money

CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1 Mod Money

CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1
CarX Highway Racing is among a few racing games based on a realistic physical model which gives you an unprecedented driving experience.

CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1 Mod Money

Face numerous rivals, escape from the relentless police, and discover un unlimited number of new highways.

You will plunge in a world full of adrenalin, sport cars and high speed highways!

CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1 features: 

CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1 Mod Money

- Controlled by CarX Engine 
- High-quality car models 
- Detailed environment with changing day and night 
- Uncompromising rivals with AI elements 
- Lively traffic and relentless police 
- Various game modes 
- Campaign mode, missions and tasks

The only rule here is to be the first one to cross the finish line.

CarX Highway Racing v1.65.1

- Rebalance traffic and complexity of your race;
- Race balance for “Timed”, “Police” & “Knockout” has been improved;
- Turkish & Portuguese have been added;
- New cars added: MB 63LCK, Barracuda 70, MB63C;
- Upgrading interface has been improved; now you can pimp your wheels;
- You can now reset a timer added to the map for farm-races campaigns;
- Multiplayer crashing bug has been fixed;
- Now you can “Quick upgrade” your car to Level 5.

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