Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer v3.3 Apk


Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer v3.3 Apk

“Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer” is a great app for you, if you have some problems with your headphones or earphones,
or if you just want the sound to be better, louder, cleaner and more clarion.
Volume booster will help you to increase the volume of audio, video, games, SMS notifications, alarm clock, audiobooks, music, online radio and so on.
All you need is to turn the app on by switching the button “Booster is on/off” at the top of the screen and regulate the volume tracks. Then the volume will be immediately louder.
Also, there is a track with a standard volume for your comfort. At the bottom there are 2 knobs: the left one is “Volume Boost” and the right one is “Bass Boost”.
Use the button Volume Boost for making the sound louder than your phone is able to make. Use the button “Bass Boost” for making bass and beats more clear, precise and pronounced.
The button “Volume Boost” can increase the volume as much louder, as much you twist the button.
The button “Bass Boost” can increase the volume of beats and bass, make them clear.
When you turn the application “Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer” on, then a headphone icon appears in notification status bar. So, you can see when the application is on.
For fast access a “notification drawer” can be pulled down to display more information about the notification and to allow users to trigger application actions by pressing the notification in the drawer.
In the middle of the screen there are sound tracks of equalizer. Adjust them to regulate the sounding of your music. Each track is responsible for a certain frequency.
You can regulate low frequencies, middle frequencies and high frequencies as well.
Also, you can choose equalizer settings from the list. There are such settings, like Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop and Rock.
Choose the settings for the music you listen to and then the sound in your headphones or earphones will be more cool and strong.
If you regulate the sound tracks of equalizer by yourself, then there will be a title “Custom”. You can adjust sound tracks on your own taste.
If you can't imagine your life without music, if you listen to music, audio books or radio wherever you are, but your headphones or earphones started to be bad and the sound became plain, or you just want new emotions and feelings, or if you are a fan of loud music, Rock music, Heavy Metal music, Hip Hop music, music with beats and bass,
then you need “Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer”!
Also, “Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer” is an absolutely free app. You don't need to pay for your pleasure at all!
Volume Booster and Bass Booster can enhance the volume of sound not only in headphones and earphones, but also it can make speaker louder. But for a better effect and better sounding we recommend you to use headphones and earphones.
So, what will you get, if you download “Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer”:
* ability to enhance the volume of audio, video, audiobooks, games, applications, SMS notifications, incoming calls, online radio, alarm clock and others;
* ability to make the bass and beats more pronounced, precise, legible and louder;
* ability to adjust the frequencies as you need or choose one from the list;
* louder sound in your headphones and earphones and in speaker;
* absolutely free app for your pleasure;
* modern and simple interface;
* ability to use quick access toolbar for your comfort.
Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer v3.3 Apk
But be careful! Do not listen to music with a high volume for a long time! We are not responsible for your health and phones! Take care!
Why do you need app “Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer”? If you want to be the coolest and the most modern person, if your headphones are not expensive enough, but you want to listen to the qualitative music, if you do not want to listen to talking people on the streets, then download this application!
Enjoy the sound! Listen to music wherever you are!
Volume Booster for Headphones with Equalizer v3.3 Apk

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